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Get Paid by Referral Link

You just need to use your referral link to any website

Track all your referral clicks instantly from your account
When some one click on you link and complete a successful checkout
You get money into your Balance
Withdraw any time your money by any available method

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Get Paid by online work

Turn your Followers or Fan into cash

Turn your website in to cash,post your referral link
Don't have website? post on blog or forums to promote your link
Blog owners? get paid by visitor who click on your referral link
Withdraw money any time,without waiting or restriction.

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No withdraw waiting

When referred checkout, get your money within 10 days

No Balance restrictions or minimum required
Your referred customer complete checkout
You get your money within 10 days
We pay for each referred sale. Join us


Terms & conditions

We have only few terms and conditions which you are agree before signup.

You can not use your own referral link to purchase for yourself.

  • We track all IP and cookies when a sucessful sales done
  • You are agree that you will not use your own referral link to to buy yourself any product

Our cookies stored for 60 days.

  • Our system keep cookies for 60 days,
  • You are agree,if the customer cleaned his cookies?.
  • we are not able to track the sales since it is not in our hands
  • We do not hold customer pc or cookies
  • system track customer's cookies and place your commission instantly into your account

You will be paid for every successful sales

  • You will be paid for every successful sales after 10 days.
    You are agree ,we pay only for successful sales not including fraudlant or incompleted sales
    If the customer succesfully checkout and pass merchant verification,you will be paid
    We reserve the rights for,if any sales found fraudlant even you have been paid for such sales
    We will hold the commission until verification completed by merchant.

Spamming is not allowed at any cost

  • You are agree,you will not use your referral link to such websites or anywhere,
    where posting weblinks are not allowed,including illegal or blacklisted websites.
    System track all referral links and report to staff itself.if we found any report for posting
    your referral link without the permission of website owner.?
    we will investigate or your account can be suspended.
    you are responsible to keep maintained your referral link where it has been posted.

Do not forget we are always here to give you best support and help if you need us?
Just contact us for any issue,
Thank you

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