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Get Paid by Referral Link

You just need to use your referral link to any website

Track all your referral clicks instantly from your account
When some one click on you link and complete a successful checkout
You get money into your Balance
Withdraw any time your money by any available method

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Get Paid by online work

Turn your Followers or Fan into cash

Turn your website in to cash,post your referral link
Don't have website? post on blog or forums to promote your link
Blog owners? get paid by visitor who click on your referral link
Withdraw money any time,without waiting or restriction.

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No withdraw waiting

When referred checkout, get your money within 10 days

No Balance restrictions or minimum required
Your referred customer complete checkout
You get your money within 10 days
We pay for each referred sale. Join us


How to earn?

Its very simple .
Join our affiliate program by sign-up and get your referral link Use your link to your website, blog , youtube or social media sites to promote it. When some one see our product and click on your link to visit our site
As they become interested to buy and completed a checkout? You get paid into your balance
Withdraw your money by any method available into your account.

How do i know if some one click on my referral link?

  • When someone click on your referral link
  • Our system detect it by your referral id attached with link
  • Example :
  • Where 1234 is your track id and system stored it on server automatically after clicked.
  • Our System use cookie to track the customer that who referred them to us.
  • You will get all details of each click from My Link statistics in your account menu.

What happened if customer interested but doesn't checkout immediately?

  • Do not worry,When someone click on your referral link,
  • system set a cookie on customer's computer for 60 day.
  • it means if they don't buy immediately after clicked your link?
  • if they visit again within two month ? even without click on your link?
  • you will be still get paid for this referral after successful checkout

But if customer clicked on some other referral link then?

  • We understand, there are lot of members and customers might click
    on other member's referral link after clicked your link.
    but still you will be get paid because the cookie was already setup for your commission
    even they click on other member's link? system will count yours only first.
    Simply Our system Do not Overwrite cookies if already exist by your link (cheers)

Interesting! but when will i get my payment and how?

  • Currently we are paying commission via PayPal, Skrill, Payza or Bank Transfers with No Fees.
    We pay after 15 days of successful sale started from the date of referred completed payment,
    You can also track referral hits on your link and details into your account
    Honestly, We do not like to delay commission payments because we understand you are working for us and promoting our products , you deserve to be paid .
    We pay for each sale to provided payment information on your account.