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Transform Your Website into a Thriving Micro Job Business with our Unique PHP Script. MiniJob Unleash the Power of an All-in-One Platform with Features Comparable to freelancer, Fiverr & PTC websites. Launch Your Own Microjob Business Website with Ease

  • 100% Mobile Rresponsive
  • Fully Automate Even When Admin is Away
  • Fully Updatable and Easy to Customize:
  • Enjoy Free Support and 1 Year of Free Updates

Fully Automated

* Experience a fully automated and
* expertly designed micro job platform
* Features an easy-to-use admin panel
* Provides a secured member's area
* Supports multiple currencies
* Automates control of user accounts
* Instant deposit payment gateways
* Allows you to operate with any currency
* including your own currency.

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Multiple Job Platforms

* MultipleCampaigns features Included,
* Including international jobs,
* Jobs exclusively in the USA,
* Jobs in selected countries,
* Group Campaigns for best workers,
* Pay-per-click (PTC) jobs,
* Spam protection
* Advanced search functionality
* Featured Jobs posts
* And Fiverr-like offers for selling services.

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Integrated Blog

* Versatile builtin Blogging ,
* Seamless blog features,
* users to track and analyze,
* Advanced search functionality,
* Social share buttons,
* Featured blog posts,
* Spam protection
* SEO friendly blog pages
* Easy navigation
* And Easy automates Social Monetization ads options.

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    Micro Job, Fiver & PTC PHP Script in one

    Micro Job, Fiverr & PTC modes All in One PHP Script (2023) With FREE Installation

    One license per domain, which never expires, includes free support and free installation, as well as free updates. There are no monthly or yearly subscriptions, and No license Expiry.

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    What is MiniJob Script v3 and how does it work?

  • MiniJob v3 is a comprehensive PHP script that combines the functionalities of micro job, sales/offers, and PTC (Paid-to-Click).
  • With MiniJob v3, you can effortlessly launch your own job website similar to popular platforms like Fiverr, Microworkers, and Freelancer.
  • This all-in-one solution empowers you to create a thriving online marketplace where users can buy and sell services, post offers, and engage in paid advertising.
  • Experience the power of MiniJob v3 and unlock endless possibilities for your online business
  • How to start a profitable job business and generate income daily?

  • With MiniJobScript, employers can easily start job campaigns when they have tasks that need to be completed.
  • They can conveniently deposit payments using instant deposit methods available on the site.
  • Freelancers,on the other hand, can complete the assigned tasks and receive payment from the employers.
  • Both freelancers and employers have the option to sell or offer their services or products on the platform.
  • The admin of the site benefits from all the jobs, offers, and completed tasks by earning profits.
  • The entire process, from campaign creation to payments, is automatically controlled and managed by MiniJobScript.
  • For more detailed information, we recommend checking out the Features section or exploring the available live demo.
  • Demo Mini Job PHP ScriptCustomization / Modifications:
    If you require any modifications, such as changes to the theme or the addition of extra features, do not worry. We have the best programmers available who provide Extended Hired services, which is safe with us. It may cost some extra, but the guaranteed cost is very low compared to anywhere else. Contact us now for any further questions. .

    Our Support Team! 24/7

    • With a commendable track record spanning over 15 years, we take pride in our expertise in maintaining MiniJobScript and ensuring it remains current. Count on our amicable support team to provide reliable technical assistance whenever you need it

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    Updates & Changelogs (Last Updated: 17th Oct, 2023) MiniJobScript v3 ( See all updates or changelogs )

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